He Is Proud

He was complaining about how I was spending my money and he kept on bickering like a woman. He cited things that happened in the past: like when I bought two heels of the same colour because I liked them, and the time I fixed Brazilian hair. Things we had both agreed to get over. He was being a sissy and I told him so, after all, the truth has to be told.

Then he asked me to keep my mouth shut and I think that must have made me say nastier things: like reminding him that he was only jealous because I make more money than him, and couldn’t stand the fact that I bought things without having to beg him. He asked me to keep my mouth shut again. I called him a miserly Ijebu man who does not know how to take care of a woman.

Maybe I shoved him a bit in the process, but that’s not the point. What matters is that he pushed me. I tripped and broke the heel of my stiletto. Thank God I did not sustain any other injury. Men are not supposed to be violent. They say if he beats you once he will do it again, so I left him and told him not to look for me. And he didn’t.

I think he is proud. I should have told him that too. After three years of sticking with his sorry self, of hoping the day would come that he would propose, he couldn’t even come back to plead. Such arrogance…

Now I miss him, but there’s no way I’ll apologize to him. Women like me don’t do things like that.


10 Replies to “He Is Proud”

  1. He is too proud o. That guy… Guess you can’t eat your cake and have it.

    Bros, ur gift wumi I find it extremely hard to craft a simple story. teach me Na

      1. Oh… That was a sarcastic reply o. You let a good thing go because of your pride and then blame the thing for going. Height of pride!

        Viewing this In another hue will show that the guy is indeed proud. Proud of his ideals and He stuck to them all through. That’s pride too right?

        1. Is sticking to your ideals pride? I don’t think so. I would call him immature, but I think the pride part was just a projection of the lady’s character.

          But considering how subtle pride is I won’t completely discount the possibility of it disguising as a tenacious hold on ideals.

  2. He might be proud, though definitely immature (‘tleast for raising his hand on her), but her mien is anything plus supercilious.

    A testament to how what we hold of others could as well be a stark reflection of our very selves.

    This is fine, IfeOluwa. Pithy (finished reading in seconds) and piquant.

    1. “…what we hold of others could as well be a stark reflection of our very selves.” You nailed my intentions on the head with this.

      And thank you for the kind words and the vocabulary lesson. 🙂

  3. Chaii. Both r immature but money can b a big issue wen we let it. Sometimes our inner reservations eventually come to light. Hers took three yrs to do dat, some more n some less.

  4. This just gave me another reason to believe that inferiority complex and pride are never far apart. Good job Brother.
    @Bunmi Oke, pls note that this is not Super Bowl. Try to use layman’s English

    1. Pride and inferiority complex… I’m still trying to wrap my mind around how they might exist in the same person. But I would agree that what one person views as pride might be flipped around to look like inferiority complex.

      Faith, this is Bunmi’s version of normal English.


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