This Isn’t Working Bro

We're stuck in the rocks...
We’re stuck in the rocks… Image credit:

Let’s face the truth:
this isn’t working bro;
not just the amalgam,
but its constituents too.

It’s all broken, damaged, wrecked.
We’ve been deceived
by the oily, shiny lighthouse.
Now we’re stuck in the rocks.
Drop the anchor cap’n.
Alas, he’s pulled an ostrich.

My bro walked in today,
His essence leaking
from a gash on his side.
I tried to grab him.
My hands went through.
I tried to grab me.
I wasn’t there too.
Are we not all dead?
A scheduled funeral
executed by fanatics.

“But I’m well” he says,
and now I’m sure he’s not.
Dead men don’t protest.

Let’s just agree
that Humanity is flawed;
ours even on a grander scale.
We need a saviour,
an anchor, a deliverer.
Perhaps it’ll be you bro
but I’m worried,
because you’re flawed and
in need of a Savior too.


Image by Olivia Henry from


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