Time, Wind and the Rings on Your Thighs

The wind.
It dances from place to place,
announcing its arrival
through the hairs on the back of your arm
and leaving before you know it.
But stand in a forest and
you can hear its movement
in the rustling of leafs.
You can tell where it will land
and grab it by its tail
as it sneaks past you.

Time passes silently, stealthily.
But on the face of a watch,
it is reduced
to discrete tick-tocks and
blinking led dots.
You can stare at its passing
or you can stand before a mirror
and follow its progression
in the wrinkles of your face
and the tree rings on your thighs.
You can predict its movement
but, unlike the wind,
you can’t catch it.
You can’t stop it
till it stops you.


Featured image via flickr by Sean MacEntee


2 Replies to “Time, Wind and the Rings on Your Thighs”

    1. That is impossible in our world. But I tried to create a fantastic world where stopping the wind was possible yet, I made it impossible to stop time. I needed something to contrast our desires to halt time’s progression (on our bodies) and the wind was what came to my mind then.


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