Last night I was trying to wrestle a story from the grip of my daemon. I started to call him/it daemon after watching Elizabeth Gilberth’s TED talk. She doesn’t want writers to dies young like they used to, so she asked them to blame their daemons/muse/that voice for their failures. I’m not a writer so, I can’t fail. But I have this voice in my head that wakes me up at night and fills my mind with scenes and images and absurd conversations. That voice is what I’ve named daemon and I blame him/it for my dry patches.

As I was saying, last night, I was trying to control the characters in my story and…

PHCN took the light.

PHCN is what we call the company that controls electricity in Nigeria. We all call electricity ‘light’, except for those highfalutin individuals who have to be prim and proper about everything. The house was too dark, so my brother switched on the generator and went to sleep. And I went back to controlling my characters.

A few minutes later, PHCN returned the light. I stood up, mumbling the next conversation as I went to the backyard to switch off the generator. I settled behind my desk to continue the story and…

They took the light again.

Here I am trying to control my characters and a clown in PHCN is controlling my control of my characters whose control I wrestled from my restless daemon. Nonsense.


11 Replies to “Control”

    1. I haven’t used candles in a while. I blame that on generators. And there’s something that happens to my writing in the dark, it just pauses, like it’s waiting for the light to reveal itself. It is very frustrating.

  1. I have lately decided never to count on PHCN or whatever it is the new company supplying my location with light have decided to call it when am putting my subconscious tot down or doing anything serious cos disappointment is in their DNA. You just need to know someone well enough by the day to avoid using lampter in search of him at night

  2. *bursts into laughter* Forgive me Ife but I just can’t stop laughing *more laughter* okay seriously I feel you, I hate having to do even house chores in the dark. It appears the only thing I can do even without light is read. I use my phone’s screen light if I have to. I just love light , who dosen’t ? Don’t mind PHCN but at least you wrote this and it sent some of us into fits of laughter which is good medicine 🙂


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