A little girl who can’t be more than three years old stands in front of a choir, dressed in a lemon green frock. She’s facing a crowd gathered to listen to beautifully rendered Christmas songs. The conductor signals, and she starts her solo. She grips the microphone with both hands, barely looks at the crowd, and there’s a hint of fear in her eyes. But she sings through and manages to stay on key. The crowd applauds as she steps back to join the choir in the chorus. Her face breaks open in a wide smile. She is happy.

I try to remember the times I felt like that as a child. Some of them come back, others don’t. I can assume the ones that don’t were never there. But is that true?

Will this little girl remember this night: the night she sang Happy Birthday Jesus and was applauded by a hall full of people?

Many worse things will happen to her: she will weep, fall out of love and lose valuable things. She will watch friends and family die, will mourn them, will be hated by many and even booed. One day, she will sit at night, alone, and try to remember the times she had it good. None of the bad things that will happen to her should be able to drown the memory of this night. That is what I hope for her.

That is my hope for everyone: that our bad times will not be potent enough to rob us of our good memories.

The choir ends the chorus and she steps forward to sing the last part of the song. This time her face is on the crowd, she knows we’ll applaud her again. We do better: we stand in ovation as she ends the song.



  1. All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages. – Shakespeare

    Kudos to the little girl. We all deserve some time in the spotlight. If we missed out, if we don’t have good memories, we should create some, we should let our imagination soar. I suspect though that if we remain thankful, even the bad memories would not look so dark.

    I take my leave to re-live some good memories . . . thanks Ife!

  2. I think our good memories are important for the bad times. Because of them, we can trust that things will get better.
    I don’t have plenty memories of the things I did as a child, so I hope to help my children experience, cherish and keep memories of them in the spotlight as they grow up. I hope same for the little girl too. Thanks!

  3. Some times when things are a bit rough for us, good memories can be our immediate hope for solace. Came across your blog yesterday…your content is simply amazing….keep up the good work. You may not be farmilier with the name…it’s Abayomi

  4. “That is my hope for everyone: that our bad times will not be potent enough to rob us of our good memories.” A very important hope I must say.Recording those good times will help us when we don’t see a way oit of the tunnel. Remembering the good times will be our fuel and hope then.
    Thank you for this.


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