A Lagosian’s Superpower Wish List


For the day Third Mainland needs

To shrink into a carter-sized bridge.

You borrow Èsù’s skill set

Because Oworonsoki won’t spit you out.

“I’m almost there,” you say. And pray

Obalende’s mud pools are now still

And cleared of sluggish wheels.



For that time you were at Aswani

And fifteen minutes from home

Became an hour with the driver,

Chatting about his pregnant teenage girl, or

Him monologuing while you petition Ajé

Who permitted her children to dance

Without restraints on Tuesdays.



For when you beat the lights and

Tetracyclin-clad paparazzi jump in

Front of your car, clicking and chanting,

“Mr man, stop this car.”

Do not plea nor settle. Sit still

With engines running, eyes stern, windows up.

A Lagosian never shows weakness.


Featured image via Flickr by Dolapo Falola


3 Replies to “A Lagosian’s Superpower Wish List”

    1. Logicians can sniff out weakness like bloodhounds on the hunt. They know how to exploit it to the fullest. Even if one is weak, one has to learn the art of false bravado.

      You must have had the “Do you know who I am?” thrown in your face before in Lagos.


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