Revival #5

There were two survival mandates for the month of June. One of them is already in jeopardy. You drank hot things, took hot showers, closed the windows, and turned off the fan, turning the room into a stuffy mess. Yet, the cold found you. Thus starts the jeopardy: first an itchy throat, then a runny nose, then the search for sneeze as relief. Now you pace the room at midnight in a hoodie, sweating, swatting at mosquitoes in the dark. There are many ways to lose your voice. One of them is cold. Another is death. All of them wait for you in the streets, like a lazy man’s boogeyman. What he doesn’t know is that none of them respects privacy, especially death. But you know this. So, don’t be that lazy man cowering in the room. Even with the cold and the sore throat, you always have to be finding your voice.  And even when there’s no evidence to corroborate it, you can choose to declare that the revival is complete.


Featured image via Flickr


7 Replies to “Revival #5”

  1. Good description. And death definitely doesn’t respect privacy. It also doesn’t respect ego. My husband is dealing with a progressive incurable disease and hating having to let me do things he would normally do. We talked at breakfast about that as hard as it is for him, I need to get used to doing these things. I don’t really want to live without him after 57 years together, but I need to prepare so that I can minimize the problems i cause my children, if possible.

    1. It’s a little sad to hear about your husband and the inevitable burdens of old age, but now I’m wondering if sadness is the appropriate response.
      I definitely understand what helplessness caused by the inability to be responsible for oneself due to illness can do to the ego. It can’t be easy watching him go through that agony, so I hope you have the strength to go through this and a reserve of joy that is able to keep you from misery.


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