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  1. I’m a young lady who loves to sing but never ventured into d depths of it. Pple hear me n wow but u know…. Singing on stage is for special talents. I have a passion for people n I love reading. Plus u write well based on d only one I’ve read.

    1. Thanks Monale. I just read your So you think you can blog? post. Apparently I’m one detail short: I’ve got no contact page.
      What you do on your blog is great. Well done.

  2. Michael, almost 20, recovering alcoholic, used to write, used to be happy, used to have the world’s best father. Tired. Shouldn’t post this comment, will.

    1. Hi Michael. There’s so much packed into your comment. The only thing I feel equipped to say is that you shouldn’t stop to write. Sometimes it’s useless, and sometimes it’s the best medium of catharsis. Thank you for posting this.

  3. I am pleased to meet you.

    I’ve observed that an Introverted nature seems to be the required visa to cross into the Land of Wordsmiths. Perhaps it ‘s necessary for one to first retreat into their self, before they can master the art of hearing words more clearly and arranging them artfully.

          1. In that heat? Super-human capabilities right there. Oh, wait. AC.

            So it’s the dance you really love. Does it (dance) leave the body once you’re out of the car?

    1. I don’t know how much of a correlation exists between writing and being introverted, but I do agree that there are a lot of introverted writers. There’s also a lot of extroverted writers, and each group wishes they were the other, thinking it’ll help their craft.

  4. First timer here! I am a blogger and thought leader. Saw your in Afreada and I was wowed by your writing. I shall be going through your posts soon. Nice to meet you, nice about me page. I hope to interact with you often in the nearest future.

        1. Lol @ “joor” I already like your personality. πŸ˜€

          Ese gan Enny baby!

          I just scooted over to your new blog, I like what I’ve seen so far. At some point, I’d camp there with popcorn and pineapple juice and read it properly.

          1. *salutes* opens wrapper and closes, kneels down*πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ eyin ni ese oh. Thanks so much.I look forward to that. I am alredy at the boot camp of nedoux.com …all hail* πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I leave you FOR NOW…in awesomeness.

  5. I am addicted to Black and White ; pictures.
    So that means I love pictures, especially taking them.
    I adore words, after oxygen it’s the next thing I cannot live without.

    My career path has nothing to do with words, roving to the hallowed path of Marine Engineering.
    So that means I am caught in a complicated thresome of photography, writing and engineering.
    Did I say I am black too? Okay, I just did. And I am flirting with 6ft, I have being praying for an extra inch so I can safely say I am 6ft plus it God insisted on not answering that prayer. So I just settle with saying my height is ‘flirting with 6ft’.

    I write more than I actually write. So many voices and ideas in my head but come alive and they go hiding.

    Social media is a necessary evil to me. But I adore Instagram; I said I love pictures right?

    Have I revealed too much of myself? think I have, so I have to stop now.

    Ps: I enjoy reading your stuff. If only I could do a zombie attack on your brain. Since I can’t do that, I will write like you when I grow up!

    1. Lol @ flirting with 6ft. I join my faith with yours and pray you finally kiss 6ft.

      “I write more than I actually write.” I think I understand this sentiment, but it’s interesting to see it expressed this way.

      As for writing and growing up, we’re all just winging it, trying to find better ways of expressing things we’ve long thought. Chances are there’s no up to this growing, only a constant movement towards putting words to that thing we were meant to say.

      Thank you so much for your kind words, and for camping on my blog like you did.

    2. Hahahahaha. That flirting with six feet, kinda like it Oh. The word stuck, may use it in my writing. Lol. Marine engineering plus writer. The combo is uniquely nice nice! Nice “about you”

    3. Hi Mr X43,

      I enjoyed reading your comment.

      Lol @ “Flirting with 6ft”

      I’ve thought of some things that might be coined from this sort of teasing. For instance, a borderline skinny person could quip “My body is flirting with curvaciousness” πŸ˜‰

  6. Nice to read and get to know a bit more about you here Ife. Read a couple of your pieces here and I must say I am more than impressed by your creative, insightful and often hilarious ‘ramblings’. Having gotten to talk to you in person briefly before reading your blog and also sharing same Engineering training background, I am tempted to say you are more than a mere dilettante (Thanks for teaching me that new word by the way). Your blog is really inspiring me to eventually overcome my long condoned writing inertia. I have always enjoyed reading articles, news, blogs and anything interesting/educative over the last dozen years of serious readings in my life but I know that the much that I have received from writings,hearings and life experiences need to be shared with others too. I hope to start soon and get to share some of my content with you and other readers here. I hope I have not attempted to equal the length of your introductory words…that is just a reflection of another attribute of mine; I love to talk elaborately. I have heard that writing the way one talks will help one connect better with audiences. Well, I hope this is good for my much dreamt about writing adventure.

    1. Hi Jide. You found my hideout. It’s fine to talk elaborately, and yep, there’s value to writing the way one talks. I look forward to seeing your content too. Thanks visiting the blog and dropping a comment.

  7. One of the most interesting about pages I ever read. Love your music taste…fell so much in love with rap recently that is gospel rap. For some reason, Andy Mineo never does it for me as much as I have tried to dig him. He is quite talented maybe more than Crae but his lyrics are too watered down for me. But I think DATRUTH is a revelation. Totally love him, I will have to check out Propaganda now. Thanks.

  8. October 2018.
    I just read your blog about Asa on ArtsandAfrica and I was hooked! Followed the trail at the end of the writing to uncover a uncover a goldmine here. I don’t know how you do that to words but it is beautiful that I can only wish I could.

  9. hi, i’m not sure if you still check on these but i just felt compelled to let you know. i came across your blog sometime in early 2017. while going through my history this past week i saw a post of yours i saved for reading later and finally succumbed to the idea of starting a blog. thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas with all of us and inspiring me to share mine as well.

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