Best of me


Saraba Magazine: Tijani

AFREADA: Do You Think I’m an Animal Like You

aKoma: Transcripts: 18.11.2016

aKoma: The (Wo)man at the End of the Village

Livelytwist: To Catch a Fly

Omenana: Yes I Can Dance

Visual Verse: He Couldn’t Resist

LitroUK: Always Kissing


Livelytwist: I hope someone calls them beloved

aKoma: Why I write

aKoma: The Things Lost in Translation

Saraba Magazine: The Curious Case of Nigerian literary ambition

Guardian Newspapers: Theatre Review: Lagos Na Wa… The Casual Rhythm of Lagos

Farafina Trust: Workshop Memoir

akoma: Film Review: Like Strawberry Like the Wedding Party

aKoma: Much Ado About Eba: On Ibrahim’s Win and Obioma’s Protest Against Provincialism

Klorofyl: Saturation (A personal narrative in eight parts)

The Sole Adventurer: Why Do These Things Only Happen in Lagos

Whatsonafrica: Profile: Logor Oluwamuyiwa: A Lagos Photographer Aims for Transcendence 

Whatsonafrica: The NEXT Thing in Culture Journalism in Nigeria

Klorofyl: A Review of the 2015 Caine Prize Shortlist

FlashFriday Interview: Spotlight on Nigeria: IfeOluwa Nihinlola

Ranchosblog: How You Became Gainfully Unemployed.

Review: Africiné: A Glorious Quest

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