Blood Moon

Last night, there was a blood moon. Some of you are familiar with this phenomenon, because it has been used as a cinematic device in many fantasy movies (e.g Hansel and Gretel). Some are aware of the science behind it: lunar eclipse. But not many of you know today’s blood moon was caused by an actual event: a god-man’s blood has just been shed.… Read More Blood Moon

Monthly Visitor

“Look at this woman.” He held up a red box that had the picture of a blond-haired Caucasian woman holding one hand to her head and the other to her stomach. PAIN was written below the picture in bold yellow letters. “Every time she sees her monthly visitor, her life becomes miserable. She shouts at… Read More Monthly Visitor


Last night I was trying to wrestle a story from the grip of my daemon. I started to call him/it daemon after watching Elizabeth Gilberth’s TED talk. She doesn’t want writers to dies young like they used to, so she asked them to blame their daemons/muse/that voice for their failures. I’m not a writer so,… Read More Control