Revival #5

There were two survival mandates for the month of June. One of them is already in jeopardy. You drank hot things, took hot showers, closed the windows, and turned off the fan, turning the room into a stuffy mess. Yet, the cold found you. Thus starts the jeopardy: first an itchy throat, then a runny… Read More Revival #5

Revival #4

Last week, in a mail to I, I wrote: “I’ve spent too much money replacing lost or broken things this year.” Since I sent that, I’ve thought about the sentence sans ‘money’. At the time, I was writing about my lost internet modem, but I could have been speaking about everything else. I’ve lost friends,… Read More Revival #4

Revival #3

They wanted Civil War because the wind was fighting with DSTV and winning—as it always does. I reluctantly obliged, because I wasn’t ready for When did you return? How was your journey? This headache started as a suggestion, which I foolishly accepted, but it is now threatening to end the day without my permission. I… Read More Revival #3

Revival #2

It’s been a bad year of reading: abandoned novels, unfinished story collections, and a Pocket filled with things that might never be read. But there have been a few delights in it, like The God of Small Things, which I finally read after P’s encouragement and will return to before the year runs out. I also… Read More Revival #2

Revival #1

Everytime I come home, I vow not to return to Lagos. Nature has accomplished what gunshots couldn’t. The bats, chased away by the rain, have been replaced by birds that can actually sing. Sad they didn’t come early enough to save the mangoes. In vain I try to be as contemplative in Oshodi as I… Read More Revival #1

Memory Portals, or How to Remember Sofia Vegara, or Something…

Sometime last month, I found myself deeply frustrated because I couldn’t remember Sofia Vegara’s name. Every other detail of hers was present—the buxom body, the exaggerated accent, the terrible supporting movie roles—but her name stayed on the edge of my consciousness, refusing to come forth like I was summoning it with a wrongly-worded spell. This… Read More Memory Portals, or How to Remember Sofia Vegara, or Something…